MC-502 QPQ


The MC-501 was one of our best-selling models. Ever! The “modern blade” was popular with so many players because it was easy to hit and produces a great ball flight. The MC-501 proved that forgiveness was attainable in a blade iron without compromising performance. Subtle design enhancements enabled Shinei Miura and his design team to improve both forgiveness and performance in the MC-502, meeting the discerning needs of all players.


The creation of the MC-501 changed the way in which a blade iron could look. It optimized three critical aspects of iron design which is weight, density and distribution of that weight. The MC-502 takes some of the best features of the 501 while adding enhanced playability and performance characteristics not previously seen in the category.


The MC-502 incorporates an increase in face progression (less offset) compared to the 501, which has always been a welcomed look for the better player. Additionally, a softer, more rounded top line and toe profile found their way from the sketch pad to the factory. These subtle changes were able to deliver even greater confidence to the golfer, evident when lining up the club head at address.


Seen in the design on the back of the iron, these channels distribute weight to the sole of the club allowing the craftsman to increase bounce and camber all contributing to more effective turf travel making the 502 among the easiest of Miura models to hit.

 *Verð miðaðst við sett með KBS Tour sköftum og StarGrip gripum. 
* Aðeins er hægt að kaupa Miura járn í settum, frá 4-PW eða 5-PW